27 January 2009

what's in my inbox today?

{Important Announcement} I have a New Name FINALLY! It came from your suggestions (thank you again for your help)! I love it and I know you will too. Also, this page is moving to a new address... I'm the proud owner of my very own DOMAIN!

I will keep you posted and you will be the first to know when the site is ready for show time!! It's sure to be SUPER exciting. LOTS of Giveaways and Contests to KICK IT OFF right. I've been stocking up on items since before Christmas for this party!!


1. Jeff Rose from Good Financial Cents sent me a message. J is officially my Web Guru... he also knows a thing or two about financial planning, stocks etc. ;-) You should check out this blog and you should also forward his link to all of friends too - male & female! Who couldn't use a little help in the financial department these days?

2. Shop Intuition sent out their Valentine's Day Gift Guide

3. Calista Cove's Daily Deal

4. Daily Candy x 2

5. Neiman Marcus Fashion Craving #3 (I love these by the way!)

6. Southwest Sale (of course)

7. Katie (nice to meet you, Katie) left me a comment on the "My Aunt Rocks" onesie. She bought one for her niece!

8. Today's SaleMail - a highlight. If you do not have a Shop It To Me account send me an email and send you an invite!! It's a MUST!

9. Blue-Eyed Bride, Kelly and LyndsAU all left me comments as well. Love ya Girls!

10. Coach - New Spring Shoes

Back to Baby Shower Prep... Full Report later today!!

Happy Tuesday, Readers!

p.s. Kiks just turned on the MAMMA MIA! soundtrack on the house intercom... Oh Boy, here we go!


  1. Oh Nina that's wonderful about your new name and domain! How exciting! When it's up, I'll make sure to do a post about it. Congrats again!


  2. Thank you so much for turning me on to Calista Cove... how fabulous, and I made sure to put in a vote for you! LOVE the Mamma Mia soundtrack!

  3. How exciting about your own web domain!

  4. Ooh, I can't wait to see the new blog! I'm sure it will amazing!

  5. I have thought about buying a domain, but I could nto figure out how bloggers would work or how I would transfer everyhting over. You are just so smart and your new site will be amazing!


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