26 January 2009

do i rock or what?

I'm thinking this is a must for all of my Boys! They come in infant AND toddler sizes (thank God)!Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls introduced me to Roslyn's Closet this evening and I totally freaked when I saw this while browsing through the Roslyn's Closet boutique on Etsy.

This is mos def a MCO (must check out) store on Etsy and don't forget to check in with Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls for lots of fun giveaways!!

{Update} Blue-Eyed Bride just commented that her Little Baby won't have any REAL Aunts. Her comment prompted me to tell you that I'm the Oldest Child in my family and I am not married, therefore I'm not a REAL Aunt!

Parker is Mandy's (one of my BFs) son. Parker's Mommy & Daddy are both only children which allows me to be Auntie N.

Logan is my cousin's son so at least we are actually related! But Logan's Gigi (Grandma) has been "Aunt Sherry" to me my whole life even though she is really my cousin. So there was no question that I would be "Aunt Nin" and I'm pretty sure Log thinks I Rock since every time we "hang out" I take him for breadsticks (his Fave). He even forgave me for taking him to the Olive Garden where the breaksticks had "boogers" (aka Garlic) on them!!

Blue-Eyed Bride, don't forget Little Baby has MM & I too!!


  1. Cute! I have the perfect nephew in mind - I think he needs this!

  2. Since I am aunt who also rocks, this is a must buy for my nephew's upcoming birthday. He is a big guitar fan too, which is good since he won't care about the joke...just the guitar!

  3. I can totally see P rocking that...and rocking it proudly!

  4. That onesie is fabulous! I am buying one for my niece right now.

  5. how cute!!!! i don't have sisters and my brother isn't married-- little baby won't have any REAL aunts. my girlfriends can be his or her aunts.

  6. I think baby girl Crain may need this for her baby shower. She could rock it with her heelarious! Love it! Logan does too.

  7. oh now this is adorable!!! must have for sure!!
    and hey-i completed my blurb book :) yay!

  8. How fun! I love kids clothes these days!! So cute

  9. This is adorable!! This is a must buy!!!


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